In 1922 the store was built as an open-air Japanese produce market. During the Depression, Harry J. Divine bought the property and began selling used furniture, refrigerators, stoves, and carpets to a generation that was looking to stretch their dollar to the max. In fact, the store proudly displayed their motto: “It pays to Buy Better Grade Used Furniture.”

In 1938, Harry Divine’s niece, Lois was introduced to his shy employee, Gilbert Horn. She later became his wife of 68 years, and they subsequently purchased and ran the business with their son, Chris for 40 years.

Fast forward another decade, and Chris’ son Brian came on board during his high school years and continues to carry on the family tradition of selling “Better Grade Used Furniture.”

For many  years one could find three generations working under the same roof, all with a passion for what they did. Although Gilbert passed in 2007, three generations can still be seen today in that same old building.

In 2016, a fifth generation emerged on the same property Mr. Harry Devine bought all those years ago. Violet, Brian’s daughter can often be seen working at the desk in the office with her grandpa Chris, or at her daddy’s side helping customers on the showroom floor even at the age of four.

It is quite rare in this day and age to see a family business last for this many generations. It has taken a lot of patience, time, money, sacrifice, commitment, and passion to provide a place where people can still come today to “Buy Better Grade Used Furniture.”